Monument to Knowledge

Up Out of the Grass at Linköping University Park.

Monument to Knowledge is built of 600 liters of porridge and is 2.30 m high and placed in a party tent with a base 4×4 m. The monument is based on an anecdote about Kurt Schwitters. As a prisoner of war during World War II he felt a strong need to work on his art. Each day he gathered up his British inmates cast-off porridge and built sculptures. Monument to Knowledge refers also to the story about the land of milk and honey. To get there, you must eat your way through a mountain range of porridge. Once you have done so and concluded it is measured and can not enjoy.

The physical instability of the material undermines the classical monument. Over the sculpture is a party tent that is part of the work. The party tent works as a reverse podia and restricts the room in the park. The party tent signals the commercial stunt and is a coarse contrast to the sculpture. ”Monument to Knowledge” is a tribute to the man’s desperate desire to create and develop.