Johanna Gustafsson Fürst is working mainly with sculpture and installations in long term processes dealing for example with linguistic violence and inclusions and exclusions in public space. In 2017 she received the Friends of Moderna Museet Sculpture Prize. Part of the jury’s motivation read: “She challenges the materials, their properties and common uses, in order to create an inverted, suspended, not to say unyielding, sculptural otherness.” Johanna has an MFA (2003) from the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Stockholm. She is a professor of sculptural processes at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and is represented by Belenius Gallery. Recent exhibitions include a solo presentation at Moderna Museet, Stockholm (SE) in relation the Sculpture Prize 2017, RIBOCA, Riga Biennial 1 (LV) 2018 and Graft the Words, Whip My Tongue att Accelerator (SE) 2020.

email: johanna(at)