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Belenius Gallery, Stockholm

Stockholm 28.10—20.11.2016

Installation image, Belenius Gallery, Stockholm 2016, Photo:Linnaea Silfvergrip

From left: The Cloud, 2016 materials:hawser, tangled up steel fence from a public place)

Not That Cloud, 2016, materials: white laminate, spray paint in green NCS S 8010-G10Y, lampshade from street lamp

Autoimmunity, 2016,materials: wooden ball made from a park bench, discarded sword blades

Win-Win, 2015, materials: aluminium cast of tree trunk, undercarriage in steel from discarded seesaw painted in public green (NCS S8010-G10Y) Photo: Lars Arned

Woop Woop, 2016, Size 900 x 420 mm, Textile fallen from a window in Stockholm where it was a protest against the demolition of Slussen, drawing with whiteboard marker pens

The Face of a Troll, 2016, size, 800 x 800 x 300 mm
Materials: thermal blanket, mirror, spray paint, marker pen
Fotograf/Photo: Lars Arned