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Johanna Gustafsson Fürst use a wide range of media such as text, performance, object and site-specific installations to think with and engage in long-term processes involving a specific locality and its contexts. The processes deal, for example, with how everyday-life encounters politics and how this merges into objects and spaces that affect relationships. Her practice is also occupied with how a society’s structure and history materialize in its public spaces and how these spaces function or not function in collective processes of transformation in the power structures. Gustafsson Fürst often uses found items and materials that refer to a place and a function, including the specific stories they carry into the work. In 2017 she received the Friends of Moderna Museet Sculpture Prize. Part of the jury’s motivation read: “She challenges the materials, their properties and common uses, in order to create an inverted, suspended, not to say unyielding, sculptural otherness.”

Johanna has an MFA (2003) from the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Stockholm. She is a senior lecturer in the Fine Art Department at Konstfack in Stockholm and is currently working on an art project commissioned by the Swedish Public Art Agency. She is represented by Belenius Gallery. Recent exhibitions include Expand Stretch Distribute at Belenius Gallery, Stockholm (SE) in 2016. Solo presentation at Moderna Museet, Stockholm (SE) in relation the Sculpture Prize and is currently participating in RIBOCA, Riga Biennial 1 (LV).

Phone: 0046707479564
email: johanna(at)

Ljusstöparbacken 22A
11765 Stockholm